Write or Die 2 Review

NOTE: Write or Die 2 Review. This review was written using this tool in 15 minutes. The default challenge is to write 500 words in 15 minutes. Give it a shot.

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Right now I am trying out the new software called Write or Die 2. It says that if I don’t write 500 words in the next 15 mins, I would die, not literally. So I thought it was a good way to review this software and explore the features.

So as of now I stopped writing for a some seconds to get a sip of tea. And suddenly, the screen has turned red and alarm sounds are going off all over the place. Impressive! This keeps me going at a certain pace. And yes now I understand that I cannot stop before writing 500 words in this session. Yes I would literally die from the sounds my computer makes when I take a small pause of 5 seconds from writing.

Uff… So what other features the software provides? You can select number of words and time and consequence of not completing the task in the set time. As I can see, I am getting a little slow right now. I have less than 9.5 mins left and have completed less than 220 words. That means at this pace I will be unable to complete the task. That is not very encouraging, so I should probably start typing faster. Well that means it turns out to be encouraging after all.

So lets move ahead. This is a desktop software and comes for Windows and Mac (I am using the demo version right now, which can be found on writeordie.com). Yes its a paid service and would cost $20. So in this review I have to help you make a decision that whether this tool is worth it or not. See, I have never written anything like an editorial review in my life. This review of the tool would be my very first ever. Also I am not a writer and have never written more than few long emails in my life. 500 words is also a stretch for me.

So if I am able to write a review for this and sound reasonable, I would say this product works. And more importantly, it makes you write 500 words in 15 mins, which is an accomplishment in itself!

Man I have never written for so long in my life and my fingers have started to pain. But the timer keeps me going. I know I cannot stop now. I know that I can write 100 more words in the next 2 mins and 30 seconds. Its not easy, but I am not gonna give up at any cost. At least not now.

Another thing I have observed is that though I make a lot of mistakes while writing and am sloppy at times, this review has seen very few mistakes in my writing. I am not only writing faster, for longer, but also making less mistakes in what I write. I think this tool is making me a writer in a way. And I appreciate that.

So I will post this review on my blog so that all of you can see and make a decision for yourself. Thats it. Times up.

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Now I am in negative space and time. That means my 15 mins have passed and I have completed the task of writing 500 words. Yes. But this is the one feature I don’t like about this app- the pause button. I did not even see it before starting this exercise and I think it would bring down my productivity to not write in one session. So please don’t allow me to take breaks when I am writing. If I have made a decision to write for 15 mins, it means even if the world is falling in front of me, I am writing and writing. That is what Write or Die means!

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PS: Write or Die 2 is a powerful app to push the ‘dormant’ writer inside you. It has surely helped me to write this review (and much more). So give it a shot or┬álet me know about your favorite writing tools in the comments below.